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Umrah Package

Spiritual Sojourns Redefined: Elevate Your Umrah Experience with Taqwa’s Devotion and Excellence.

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Embark on a spiritually uplifting journey with Taqwa Hajj and Umrah, your trusted companion in pilgrimage for over 3 years. Avail our exclusive Umrah packages with special November offers, meticulously designed for Pakistanis and international travelers alike.

Step 1: Umrah Booking

Now, it’s super simple to choose your Umrah trip! Check out different Umrah packages online or ask travel agents. You just decide how many days you want to go – 10, 15, 21, or 28. Most packages have everything you need:

Plane ticket to go and come back
Someone will pick you up from the airport in Saudi Arabia and take you to the hotel
You get to stay at a hotel (and the good ones even give you breakfast!)
A ride from Makkah to Madina and back
Visits to special places in Makkah and Madina (sometimes not in all packages)
After all this, a ride back to Jeddah airport
Finally, your return flight home
That’s it! All the things you need for Umrah are in one package!

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Step 2: Prepare for Umrah

Getting ready for the sacred Umrah journey is essential for seeking Allah’s blessings and forgiveness. Many Umrah pilgrims overlook proper preparation, but here are simple steps to ensure a smooth journey:


Get the required Umrah vaccinations mandated by the Saudi Arabia government.

Visa Process:

Obtain your Umrah Visa by paying the necessary fees, starting at SAR 10,250.

Umrah Permit:

Acquire your Umrah permit from the nearest Saudi Consulate or an approved Travel agent.


Get Saudi Riyals from a local dealer for a more economical option than obtaining at Jeddah Airport.

Ihram Clothing:

Prepare your Umrah Ihram clothing for the sacred rituals and Ziarat places.

Cleansing Rituals:

Learn about Umrah cleansing rituals and duas for performing Umrah correctly.


Pack essential items like a prayer mat, towel, umbrella, slippers, socks, toiletries, first aid, basic medicines, and scissors.

Document Check:

Check that all travel documents are complete and familiarize yourself with flight timings.

Contact Information:

Confirm the contact person details with your travel agent upon arrival at Jeddah Airport.

Step 3: Your Flight Day

Entering the State of Ihram

When preparing for your blessed Umrah journey, the first step is to enter the state of Ihram. This involves performing ghusal or wudu. You can enter the state of Ihram when you reach the Meeqat point during your flight or even before the flight.

Performing Two Rakat Salah Al Ihram

After wearing the Ihram clothing, it is essential to offer two rakat Salah Al Ihram. This is a special prayer to mark the beginning of your sacred journey.

Offering Niyyah and Tabliyah

Before reaching the Meeqat point, it’s crucial to make your intentions (Niyyah) clear and express your commitment through Tabliyah.

Step 4: Arrival in Jeddah

Upon reaching Jeddah Airport with your Umrah group, facilitated by Ramadan Umrah packages, the Ministry of Hajj staff warmly welcomes you. Their assistance begins with processing your travel documents and providing guidance along the way. A waiting period of 4 to 6 hours awaits you in the passenger arrival halls.

During this time, it is essential to present your passport to Saudi authorities. They will staple items like cheques and bus vouchers with your passport for documentation purposes. This step ensures smooth coordination of your group’s belongings.

Your group leader, a pivotal figure in your Umrah journey, takes charge during this phase. They collect the passports from the Umrah pilgrims and meticulously make necessary travel arrangements. These arrangements are tailored to your Umrah package travel itinerary, ensuring a seamless transition from the airport to your designated hotel in either Medina or Makkah.

This meticulous process, facilitated by the Ministry of Hajj staff and your group leader, sets the stage for a well-organized and comfortable beginning to your sacred pilgrimage.

Step 5. Arrive at your Hotel

Upon reaching your hotel, prioritize rest and refreshment to restore energy. Following this, prepare for the sacred Umrah pilgrimage, a part of your Ramadan Umrah package. This essential act involves deep spiritual significance, and with your energy replenished, you can fully engage in the rituals and experience a fulfilling journey.

Step 6: Perform Umrah

Embarking on the sacred journey of Umrah involves several significant steps, each performed with utmost reverence.

Step 7. Visit Madina

Prepare your heart for the sacred visit to Madina with these essential steps. Begin by making a pure intention, expressing your sincere desire to visit the holy tomb of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Ensure your physical purity through ablution or a bath before heading to the Holy Prophet’s Mosque. Adorn yourself in clean attire, use fragrance, and recite Darud Sharif as you leave for Masjid-e-Nabvi. Upon arrival, enter through the Bab-e-Jibril, invoking the names of Allah. Perform a two-rakat Nafil prayer near the Nawafil or the Holy Prophet’s burial site, facing the tomb, offering your salutations, and reciting Darud Sharif. These simple yet profound actions will enrich your spiritual experience during this blessed pilgrimage to Madina.

Step 8. Return Flight

  • Organize travel documents
  • Buy Zamzam water and dates
  • Purchase gifts for family
  • Confirm flight departure and arrival times
  • Prepare for a smooth return journey, ensuring a hassle-free and memorable conclusion to your pilgrimage.