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12 Days Azizia Package


Hujjaj on this package will travel from Islamabad—Jeddah on 11th Jun 2024 (05th Zul Hajj) and return to Pakistan from Medina on 23rd Jun 2024 (17th Zul Hajj).On arrival in Makkah, hujjaj will be accommodated in Azizia building about 10 km from Haram. In Azizia, hujjaj will stay for 9 nights including 4 nights stay in Mina & Arafat. Hujjaj on this package will perform Umrah & Hajj from Azizia & proceed to Medina after Hajj on 14th of Zul Hajj. In Medina, hujjaj will stay in hotel Dar Iman Intercontinental (Step to Harram) or any other hotel with the same category, located in the north central area. Hujjaj will stay in Medina till departure to Pakistan for about 3 x Nights.

Duration of Package About 12 days.




Hijri Date

Gregorian Date


Depart from Pakistan

5 Zul Hajj

11 Jun


Stay in Azizia

5 – 14 Zul Hajj

11 Jun – 20 Jun


Move to Mina

Night 7/8 Zul Hajj

13/14 Jun


Move to Arafat

Night 8/9 Zul Hajj

14/15 Jun


Stay in Arafat—Hajj Day

9 Zul Hajj

15 Jun


Move to Muzalfah

9 Zul Hajj (After Maghrib)

15 Jun (After Maghrib)


Stay in Muzalfah

Till Dawn of 10 Zul Hajj

Till Dawn of 16 Jun


Move from Muzalfah to Mina

10 Zul Hajj (After Fajr)

16 Jun (After Fajr)


1st Day of Rumi

10 Zul Hajj

16 Jun


2nd Day of Rumi

11 Zul Hajj

17 Jun


3rd Day of Rumi

12 Zul Hajj

18 Jun


Move back to Azizia

12 Zul Hajj

18 Jun


Tawaf e Wida

13 Zul Hajj

19 Jun


Move to Medina

14 Zul Hajj

20 Jun


Stay in Medina

14 -17 Zul Hajj

20 — 23 Jun


Ziarat in Medina

16 Zul Hajj

22 Jun


Move back to Pakistan

17 Zul Hajj

23 Jun

NOTE: Hujjaj who fail to avail the booked flight to OR fro Saudi Arabia for Hajj due to any reason will pay “NO SHOW” charges & bear all expenses resultantly.

Flight Schedule will be shared later.

Schedule will be finalized after confirmation form Airline.

Plan may vary for about 2 days without effecting the price of package.



  • Accommodation in Azizia is about 10 kilometers from Harram
  • The accommodation is located is very near to Jamarat/Mina
  • Hujjaj booked for double & triple bed room will get separate room in Azizia.
  • Maximum 4 persons in a room on sharing package
  • Ladies will be separate from gents on sharing package
  • Transport for Tawaf-e-Ziyara
    Transport for Tawaf-e-Wida
  • If a person/family make their own arrangement to or fro Harram and do not wait for company transport, no compensation will be paid.
  • The stay will be from 9 x Nights. (Including 4 nights stay in Mina/ Arafat)



  1. Three dishes Pakistani food, breakfast, lunch & dinner.
  2. The company will not be able to provide food from 08 to 12 Zul Hajj in Azizia. Since all staff and services will be deployed in Mina/Arafat during this period.
  3. Food in Azizia will restart from dinner of 12th Zul Hajj.
  4. Due to heavy rush in those days, food may reach at hotel late.



  • Dar Iman Intercontinental
  • Dar Iman Intercontinental is located on front line, opposite to Gate # 17 (Step to Harram) North Markazia
  • Hujjaj booked for double & triple bed room will get separate room in Medina.
  • Stay will be for 3 nights (14 17 Zul Hajj)
  • In all hotels, each room has two beds of standard size. Additional beds are always smaller in size and low in quality. Hujjaj on sharing package will not object to smaller beds.



Breakfast and dinner.


Category A, Services provided by Tawaf Company / Moallim.

Tents in Mina & Arafat with following services


Saudi Govt. Transport Provided through Moallim/Naqaba: -

Taqwa Private Transport: - Bus/Coaster

Private Car/Van /GMC
(Mak – Med) (Subject to Approval)

  • Movement on private Car/Van/GMC will be discouraged. Hujjaj must plan their movement with group as per Maktab/Group movement plan
  • Hujjaj desiring private transport for any leg/part of journey during Hajj, particularly from Makkah to Medina, will put up their request either at the time of booking OR latest by 1600 Hrs on 7th Zul Hajja (25th Jun) with payment to the group leader. No request thereafter will be entertained.
  • Procedure for hiring private transport is little complicated and time consuming. Earliest car will arrive building by 1300 Hrs on 14th Zul Hajj.
  • Tentative rates payable to Moallim/Furada (Saudi Govt. Agency controlling private car during Hajj.) Mak – Med is as follow: –


SR 3000 per Car


SR 4000 per Van


SR 5000 per Car


SR 250 – 300 per Ticket (Economy)

(All rates may vary)


Children Policy

Carriage of Luggage

Cancellation Charges

Guest / Relatives

  • Services in Mina & Arafat only = 15,000/- SR per head (Without the cost of tasreeh of Govt. of KSA which will be arranged by the guest at his own.)
  • Complete services during Hajj including Mina, Arafat and accommodation in Azizia & Medina hotel except Ticket, Hajj Visa and transport MedMak will be equal to total package price minus Rs 350,000
  • Any unauthorized guest staying in Mina tent OR Arafat will be handed over to Saudi Police through moallim, who will deport them to their native country

Cost of the Package Includes

The cost of package includes followings:-

  1. Processing of Hajj Visa.
  2. Economy class air ticket.
  3. Hotel accommodation in Medina.
  4. Building accommodation in Aziza.
  5. Cost of Moallim services in Mina & Arafat.
  6. Transport during Hajj.
  7. Transport from Jeddah airport to Makkah to Medina to Medina airport
  8. Ziarat in Makkah & Medina.


Hotel in Medina:-  Breakfast & dinner as per hotel timing & menu.


  • Full Board (3 Times food)
  • Three dishes Pakistani food.
  • Timings may not be followed strictly due to blockage of traffic because of heavy rush 


  • Food in Mina is provided by moallim as per moallim menu & timings


  • Food in Arafat is provided by moallim as per moallim menu & timings
  • No food will be served at Jeddah / Medina Airport or during any move.
  • No separate food on medical descriptions can be served during Hajj. Please accept our apology in advance.
  • Due to heavy rush in those days, food may reach at hotel late.


Qurbani is not included in this package.

Package Price for Quad Sharing Room

Rs. 2,800,000/- Per Head with Ticket.

Additional Facilities on Additional Payment

Separate room in Medina

DBL Room

Rs. 425,000/- Per Head

TPL Room

Rs. 200,000/- Per Head

Separate room in Medina

DBL Room

Rs. 425,000/- Per Head

TPL Room

Rs. 200,000/- Per Head

Definitions / Explanation/ Clarification

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