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1 Month Adjustment Package # 3

1.      Introduction Hujjaj on this package will travel from Islamabad—Medina on 9th August 2017 (17th Dhul Qaida) and return to Pakistan from Jeddah on 6th September 2017 (15th Zul Hajj). On arrival in Makkah hujjaj will be accommodated in Hotel Al Nokhba Royal Inn (Old Name: Royal Dyar) about 250 meters from Harram, located in the North Central Area. On 18th August (26th Dhul Qaida), hujjaj will move to Makkah in Hotel Fairmont Makkah Clock Royal Tower (Step to Harram). The stay will be till 4th Zul Hajj. On 4th Zul Hajj before Zuhr, hujjaj will be shifted to Hotel Dar Salah in Azizia about 10 km from Haram near Sidqi Street. In Azizia hujjaj will stay for about 11 nights including 5 nights stay in Mina.


2.      Duration of Package About 1 month. Exact duration will be given after confirmation of seats. The duration may increase or decrease by 2 days without affecting the cost of package.


3.      Tentative Schedule:-



Hijri Date

Gregorian Date


Depart from Pakistan

17 Dhul Qaida

9 Aug


Stay in Medina

17 — 26 Dhul Qaida

9 — 18 Aug


Ziarat in Medina

19 Dhul Qaida

11 Aug


Move to Makkah

26 Dhul Qaida

18 Aug


Stay in Makkah

26 Dhul Qaida — 04 Zul Hajj

18 — 26 Aug


Ziyarat in Makkah

28 Dhul Qaida

20 Aug


Shift to Azizia

4 Zul Hajj

26 Aug


Stay in Azizia

04 — 15 Zul Hajj

26 Aug — 6 Sep


Move to Mina

Night 7/8 Zul Hajj

29/30 Aug


Shift to Arafat

Night 8/9 Zul Hajj

30/31 Aug


Stay in Arafat—Hajj Day

9 Zul Hajj

31 Aug


Eid ul Zuha

10 Zul Hajj

1 Sep


Move Back to Azizia

12 Zul Hajj

3 Sep


Fly back to Pakistan (Inshallah)

15 Zul Hajj

6 Sep


Hujjaj who fail to avail the booked flight to OR fro Saudi Arabia for Hajj due to any reason will pay “NO SHOW” charges & bear all expenses consequently.




4.      Priority of airline is as follow:

a.                  Saudi Airline.

b.                  Qatar Airline.

c.                  Any other Airline.

d.                  Flight schedule will be given later.


5.      Accommodation:-

a.                  Medina:-

·        Hotel Al Nokhba Royal Inn (Old Name: Royal Dyar) about 250 meters from Harram in North Central Area.

·        Hujjaj booked for double & triple bed room will get separate room in Medina hotel.

·        On sharing package, maximum 4 persons in a room.

·        Stay will be from 17 — 26 Dhul Qaida.

·        In all hotels, in each room 2 beds are of standard size. Additional beds are always smaller in size and low in quality. Hujjaj on sharing package will not object to smaller beds.

·        Food: - Breakfast & dinner as per hotel menu & timings.


b.                  Makkah:-

·        Hotel Fairmont Makkah Clock Royal Tower, steps to Harram adjacent to gate Abdul Aziz.

·        Hujjaj booked for double & triple bed room will get separate room in Medina hotel.

·        On sharing package, maximum 4 persons in a room.

·        Stay will be from 26 Dhul Qaida — 04 Zul Hajj.

·        In all hotels, in each room 2 beds are of standard size. Additional beds are always smaller in size and low in quality. Hujjaj on sharing package will not object to smaller beds.

·        Food: - Breakfast & dinner as per hotel menu & timings.


c.                  Azizia :-

·        Hotel Dar Salah in Azizia about 10 km from Harram near Sidqi Street.

·        Hujjaj booked for double & triple bed room will NOT get separate room in Azizia unless they book themselves for separate room in Azizia also on additional payment mentioned on Para# 16.

·        Maximum 4 persons in a room on sharing package.

·        Ladies will be separate from gents on sharing package.

·        In Azizia, separate room on additional payment is subject to availability on first come first served bases due to limited rooms.

·        Shuttle transport will be provided from Azizia hotel to Harram and back on 5th, 6th of Zul Hajja.

·        Transport for Tawaf-e-Wida from Azizia hotel to Harram and back on 14th Zul Hajja.

·        The stay will be from 4—15 Zul Hajj. (Including 5 Nights stay in Mina/ Arafat)

·        Food: -

                                                                                           i)      Two dishes Pakistani food, breakfast, lunch & dinner.

                                                                                        ii)      The company will not be able to provide food from 08 to 12 Zul Hajj in Azizia. Since all staff and services will be deployed in Mina/Arafat during this period.

                                                                                      iii)      Food in Azizia will restart from dinner 12th Zul Hajj.

                                                                                      iv)      Due to heavy rush in those days, food may reach at hotel late. 


6.      Mollam/Maktab:-

a.                  Category A, Maktab # 3, South Asia.

b.                  Tents in Mina with following services: -

·        Gypsum walled, 2 x split AC for two combined tents for 24 Persons in Mina.

·        Sofa Cum Bed in Mina te-nts.

·        Air conditioned marquee in Arafat.

·        24 x Hujjaj in 2 combined tents measuring 4 x 4 meters each.

·        Mattress in Arafat.

·        Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner by Moallim in Mina & Arafat.

c.                  Private Washroom exclusive for Taqwa Group in Mina as per following scale: -

·        Mina:    1 x bathroom after every 12 hujjaj.


7.      Transport:-

a.                  Saudi Govt. Transport Provided through Moallim/Naqaba: -

·        Medina Airport to Medina Hotel. (This transport is provided at random at airport without any choice of group leader.) This transport is lower in quality.

·        From Azizia hotel to Jeddah airport.

b.                  Taqwa Private Transport:- Bus/Coaster

·        Medina hotel to Makkah hotel.

·        Makkah hotel to Azizia hotel.

·        During Hajj from Azizia hotel to Mina and back to hotel.

·        Transport from Mina to hotel in Azizia will only be provided to those hujjaj who move from Mina to hotel on 13th Zul Hajj.

·        Hujjaj moving back to Azizia hotel on 12th Zul Hajj will have to walk.

·        It is a punishment to travel on 12th Zul Hajj from Mina to hotel or any other place by bus due to extreme traffic jamming. We suggest hujjaj to travel by foot. It takes about 6 to 8 hours by bus.

·        Shuttle transport will be provided from Azizia hotel to Harram and back on 5th, 6th of Zul Hajja.

·        Tawaf-e-Wida.

·        Ziarat at Makkah & Madina.


8.      Private Car/Van /GMC (Mak – Med):-

a.                  Movement on private Car/Van/GMC will be discouraged. Hujjaj must plan their movement with group as per Maktab/Group movement plan

b.                  Hujjaj desiring private transport for any leg/part of journey during Hajj, particularly from Medina to Makkah, will put up their request either at the time of booking OR latest by Asr 20th Zul Qaida (12th August) with payment to the group leader. No request thereafter will be entertain.

c.                  Procedure for hiring private transport is little complicated and time consuming. Earliest car will arrive hotel by 1200 Hrs on 26th Zul Qaida.

d.                  Tentative rates payable to Moallim/Furada (Saudi Govt. Agency controlling private car during Hajj.) Med – Mak is as follow:-

·        Car        SR 1000 per car

·        Van       SR 1300 per van

·        GMC     SR 2200 per GMC


9.      Children Policy

a.                  Children will pay full package price equal to Adults.

b.                  No child discount is applicable on Hajj Air Fare.

c.                  Discount to Infant: born on & after 31st August 2015 will be charged 40% of the package price.


10. Carriage of Luggage

a.                  All Hujjaj are advised to carry minimum luggage. The airline allows one piece per person weighing maximum 30 KG. Any extra luggage Haji will have to pay SR 60 per kilo(varies as per Airline).

b.                  Loading & unloading on the vehicle is the responsibility of the Company. However, carriage of luggage from vehicle to room & room to vehicle is the responsibility of hujjaj.

c.                  All Hujjaj will write their name, passport number, package, Maktab number, telephone number of Maktab, mobile number of group leader & their own mobile number on their respective bag / luggage.


11. Cancellation Charges

a.                  Cancellation before 30th June 2017 = Rs. 10,000/- (Ten thousands per head will be charged).

b.                  Cancellation after Hajj application submitted to Ministry of Hajj but before 15th July 2017. Rupees 25,000 (Twenty Five Thousand per head.)

c.                  Cancellation on & after 16th July 2017 but before issue of ticket, only the cost of ticket will be refunded out of total package price.

d.                  After the Hajj Visa is stamped, cancellation due to any reason what so ever will not be accepted. Any Hajji not proceeding for Hajj due to any reason may it be due to sickness or hospital admission, no refund from Package Price will be given. In case of death of Haji after the Visa is stamped only the cost of ticket will be refunded. In such eventuality the relatives of concerned Hajji must inform us in writing at least 10 days before departure date of flight, so that his seat is canceled & ticket refunded, production of death certificate is must.


12. Guest / Relatives

a.                  Guests are not allowed to stay in Hujjaj rooms/tents in Mina & Arafat.

b.                  Hujjaj can meet their guests in hotel lobby.

c.                  Hujjaj will pay directly to the hotel authorities for their guest if they take them for food in the hotels.

d.                  Any hujjaj who desire his relatives in Saudi to perform Hajj with him, he can make the booking of their guest at the time of their own booking with us at the following rate subject to availability:-

·        Services in Mina & Arafat only = 12,000/- SR per head (Without the cost of tasreeh of Govt. of KSA which will be arranged by the guest at his own.)

·        Complete services during Hajj including Mina, Arafat and accommodation in Azizia & Medina hotel except ticket, Hajj visa and transport Med-Mak will be equal to total package price minus Rs 155000.

·        Any unauthorized guest staying in Mina tent OR Arafat will be handed over to Saudi Police through Moallim, who will deport them to their native country.


13. Cost of the Package Includes:- The cost of package includes followings:-

a.                  Processing of Hajj Visa.

b.                  Economy class air ticket.

c.                  Hotel accommodation in Makkah & Medina.

d.                  Hotel in Azizia.

e.                  Cost of Moallim services in Mina & Arafat.

f.                   Transport during hajj.

g.                  Transport from Medina airport to Medina to Makkah to Jeddah airport.

h.                  Qurbani through bank only. (One who wants to perform Qurbani himself, SR 500 will be refunded to him on the day of briefing before departure to Saudi Arab).

i.                    Ziarat in Makkah & Medina.

j.                    Food: -

·        Hotel in Makkah & Medina: - Breakfast & dinner as per hotel timing & menu.

·        Azizia:- Full Board (3 Times food)

                                                                                i.      Two dishes Pakistani food.

                                                                             ii.      Timings may not be followed strictly due to blockage of traffic because of heavy rush.

·        Mina:- Food in Mina is provided by moallim as per moallim menu & timings.

·        Arafat:- Food in Arafat is provided by moallim as per moallim menu & timings.

·        No food will be served at Jeddah / Medina Airport or during any move.

·        No separate food on medical descriptions can be served during Hajj. Please accept our apology in advance.


14. Laundry: - is not included in this package.


15. Package Price for Quad Sharing Room:-Rs. 795,000/- Per Head with Ticket.


16. Additional Facilities on Additional Payment

a.                  DBL Room in Makkah & Medina Only            =Rs. 75,000/- Per Head

b.                  TPL Room in Makkah & Medina Only             =Rs. 35,000/- Per Head

c.                  If want to stay in continuously same hotel in Makkah instead of shifting to hotel in Azizia, extra amount will be as follow:

DBL          (with Breakfast & Dinner)  =          Rs. 550,000/- Per Head

TPL           (with Breakfast & Dinner)  =          Rs. 425,000/- Per Head

Quad         (with Breakfast & Dinner)  =          Rs. 375,000/- Per Head

d.                  Separate Room In Azizia:

DBL = Additional                                  =          Rs. 40,000/- Per Head

Tpl    = Additional                                  =          Rs. 30,000/- Per Head





17. SR 2000/- Policy: -

Any hajji, who performed hajj in last 5 year (2012 – 2016), might have to pay SR 2000/- additional over and above the package price. This policy is not yet confirmed but in Air. It may and may not be applied by Saudi Government.


18. Definitions / Explanation/ Clarification

a.      DBL    Means room with two beds.

b.      TPL     Means room with three beds.

c.      Quad   Means :-

                                                        i.                  Hotel in Makkah room with four beds.

                                                     ii.                  Hotel in Medina room with four beds.

                                                   iii.                  Hotel in Azizia rooms with up to four beds.

d.      Distances are taken from the outer periphery / fence of outer lawn of Harram.

e.      Azizia is like a society/Mohallah/Colony like Westridge, Satellite Town etc in Rawalpindi. To reduce the package price hujjaj are kept in these area for few days.


19. Any condition imposed by Saudi Talimat will be followed.


20. I have read the package in details, understood & signs.