List of Documents—Hajj 2017


1.      NADRA International Passport: - Original NADRA machine readable passport valid till 1st  Mar 2018.

2.      NADRA Identity Card: - Original NADRA Identity Card along with 2 photocopies. Original identity card will be returned within 30 minutes of completion of documents on booking. NIC should be valid till         1st Mar 2018.

3.      Original NADRA - B Form in case of Child & Infant.

4.      Photograph: -

a.       8 x Colored Photographs (4 x 3) 4 cm length & 3 cm in width with light blue background.

b.      Name of hujjaj must be written on the back of photograph.

c.       All Hujjaj will carry 4 x photographs in person with them during Hajj.

d.      Lady Photograph: - Head, Hair, Ear & Throat must be covered in case of ladies photograph.

5.      Telephone Number of Hujjaj in Pakistan.

6.      Blood Group.

7.      1 x Photocopy of NADRA identity card of Next of kin or any other relative in Pakistan, along with his mobile/telephone number to be contacted in case of emergency during Hajj.

8.      Bank Draft of full package price in favor of Taqwa Hajj & Umrah Services (Pvt) Ltd.

Freedom Account # 0814- 79141418-03 Habib Bank Ltd, SDV Branch, The Mall, Rawalpindi.

9.      Hujjaj will come to Taqwa Office in person to sign the Hajj package. Any Hujjaj who booked himself through his relative/friends & do not come to our office for signing the package will be taken as if he has signed & understood the package. Any excuse of not knowing the package by Hujjaj will not be accepted.

10.  When we need your Original Passports:- All Hujjaj who are contacting us from abroad to please follow the following instructions:-

a.       The passports must be Pakistani International Passports. Hajj Visas will not be stamped on any passports of other country like, UK, CANADA, USA etc even if you have overseas NADRA NIC. Hajj Quota is for Pakistan & it can only be utilized on Pakistani Passports.

b.      The last date of deposit original passports is 15th July 2017. This date may be advanced if so desired by Ministry of Religious Affairs Government of Pakistan OR Royal Consulate of Saudi Arabia Islamabad.

c.       Flight & Hajj Schedule is given in all packages; it may vary by 2 to 3 days. Exact schedule will be issued on confirmation of flights.

d.      Pakistani Passport holder living abroad must plan their availability and the availability of Passports before booking themselves for Hajj. Due to any mishap/delay in receipt of Passport, delay in visa processes or under any circumstances the cost of risk will be borne by Hujjaj. Please read cancelation charges paragraph # 11/12 carefully.



Lt. Col (Retd)

            22nd April 2016                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Chief Executive

Taqwa Hajj & Umrah Services (Pvt) Ltd.